Events in Temple
Sri Smahara Maha Kala Bhairava Peetam

The supreme deity that protects this temple has taken the form of 'Kala Bhairavr' protecting the devotees. I had a dream which is now a reality. Bhairavas blessed me and protected me and the temple from the enemies and punishing the evil-doers.

I realise this while I perform poojas or while worshipping Lord Siva.

During the new moon fortnight Ashtamis periods, we can observe the Bhairavas in the temple praying aloud when visiting the temple.

Special Poojas will be performed during the New Moon Half fortnight of Pradosha on the Rhau kalam periods on Saturdays and Sundays. Special items from the Puojas, such as Kala Bhairavar’s symbol instrument and holy threads will be distributed.

Sathguru Samhara Sivasri Kumarasamy Shanmugavel
Sri Samhara Kala Bhairavar Peetam
Agastheeswarar Aalayam, Pozhichalur.
Phone: 044-22631410, 9381817940